Use Myde Lighting’s Rechargeable LED light as a flashlight or as a regular bulb that doubles as an emergency light. During a power failure, it can be used as a regular light bulb, or remove it and use it as a flashlight to locate other emergency supplies.

Whether used at home or taken with you when camping, this is a handy product that does not need batteries and provides bright light when you need it most.

This product can be turned on easily during a power outage, and is constantly charging while in a socket. It has an easy to use AC/DC and Off button. This  LED bulb with a built-in battery that will stay on for up to 4 hours when the power goes out. It can be used every day as a regular light bulb.

If your home is already fit up with battery backup lighting, you already know the advantages of having lighting when the power goes out. It is dangerous to you and your family to be moving around a dark house, especially if you have to navigate up or down stairs in the dark. Battery backup lighting is plugged into an existing outlet in your home.


With conventional backup lighting, you have to run power to the backup light to power it and keep the batteries charged. They charge the batteries while the power is on and once the power goes out, the automated switch turns the light on. Unless you have a backup power generator, the disadvantage is that the lights will only burn until the battery is drained. Then, you’ll need the power on again to charge the batteries. With the smart drive, you can simply change the batteries when the old ones are drained, providing lighting throughout the outage.



Although the battery operated  will need you to replace batteries or at least charge them from time to time, it is still a great quick fix for the less electrical savvy people out there. We are talking about convenience here in a light that boasts the LED’s will last 100,000 hours.


Here’s one more thought about places to use one of these little gems. Since a lot of you out there go camping, think of the advantages of these lights in and around your campers. I might even suggest that these may be bright enough to allow you to play cards, bean bag games, or possibly horseshoes, even after dark. How great would that be? Anyways, the possibilities are endless to the imagination. For me, the number one reason for owning any kind of lighting, whether backup lighting, regular lighting, or portable lighting, is safety. There are always hidden dangers inside and outside your home. No need to walk into something, fall into a hole. or fall down a staircase. Light your pathways and stay safe!