Myde Lighting is a professional manufacturer of outdoor lighting fixtures. We pursue the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection.

The majority of customers and manufacturers on the market are in pursuit of full power wattage.

Enough power is a good indicator in itself. A certain aspect reflects the factory according to the configuration request to produce.

But LED lightings have a special property that Full power does not necessarily mean high luminous efficiency

Of course, customers will say, I want full power, but also high luminous efficiency.

But the effects of light and power are like the ends of a seesaw. It is often difficult for manufacturers to do both.

That’s because the biggest problem with LEDs is the conversion between light and heat. Under the condition of constant light-heat conversion rate, how to optimize heat dissipation becomes a big problem.

Because the accumulation of heat may cause light decay, damage to the lamp beads, and cause driver damage.

As a manufacturer of LED floodlights, we have a big headache with this problem. Because the heat emanates from the housing.

At present, most of the housing manufacturers on the market, there is deliberately marked product power high. For example, a 30-watt housing is advertised as 50 watts.

Most customers make full watts according to this requirement, which makes it very difficult for the manufacturer. if don’t do enough watts The client was not satisfied with what he had done. Do Enough Watts, the lamp body service life must be insufficient. Put the manufacturer in a difficult position.

So smart customers are given lumen indicators, the power is not too much to ask. Because they buy light, not energy consumption.

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