Where do we start!! Choosing LED lights is simply a “no brainer”.

•LED lights are massively cheaper to run saving you money on your electricity bill and also saving the planet from the harmful effects of having to produce that extra electricity.
•There are no hazardous chemicals used in LED light bulbs.
•LED light bulbs are not fragile like traditional bulbs.
•LED light bulbs have a life of around 30,00 hours which is around 30 times more than a traditional light bulb.
•You can choose the colour of the light that you want from a LED Light bulb.
•LED Lights will be standard in all homes in the future; traditional lighting has just simply been superseded by better technology.

LED bulbs have a huge life expectancy. LED technology is very stable and so LED bulbs should last for between 25,000 – 50,000 hours. The life expectancy figure quoted on LED products related to the L70 value which is when the light still emits 70% of their original brightness. Although LED technology is very stable, it is susceptible to power surges and a power surge can make all the bulbs on one switch fail at the same time.

With some LED bulbs it is necessary to change existing transformers, as they will not be compatible. You would see that they are not compatible with the LED bulb as they would cause the bulb to be very dim or have a very pronounced flicker or strobe.
The ultimate objective of LED lighting is to save energy. LED lighting products are of very low power and very high luminous efficiency. However, there are a lot more which are often neglected, such as service life. Some poor quality LED lamps last shorter than energy-saving lamps, while high quality LED lamps can last tens of thousands of hours longer. The quality difference is drastic.
The price difference lies mainly in three factors: heat radiation, driver and LED type.
1) A good LED lamp can have luminous efficiency up to 110-120LM/W while an ordinary one’s luminous efficiency is only 60-90LM;
2) The second price difference comes from LED driver, although the price difference between a quality driver and a common one is not very big;
3) The heat radiator also greatly influences LED lamp price. Quality lamps use high-end quality aluminum found in automobile, which is several times more expensive than other radiator materials.


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